Cookie Eating Train

It rained today. It rained yesterday too, but I was at work or on the freeways with all the idiots and didn’t appreciate it. I love rain. It is cleansing.


Nannygoat, Lloyd, Ladybug and Butterball came to visit. It was the first time since we put up all the lights all over the property that Ladybug has been here (we went there last weekend). She ran around like it was her own personal giant exhibition. She would run to the set of three lit deer and pet them and then yell “Pingu” and run back to the pop up penguin. She may have some issues with speech compared to other kids, but jeez she is an awesome mimic lately. I taught her to say upside-down, na-na-na-na-na-nah Batman, and MacD taught her to say ATTACK. She loved the train. At first it was all about watching it go round and round. Then one of her toys had to be laid across the track for the train to hit. After it was derailed for the millionth time, Papa was done and the train rested. When she finally convinced Papa to hook it back up she had apparently learned her lesson. Now Boots (Dora’s friend) rode on the train instead of being ran over. But first, the train needs sustenance…in the form of a cookie.



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