You know you can never get enough

Tonight we headed through the torrential downpours (if you don’t hear from me tomorrow, I am floating down a river in my RV mini cabin. We have paddles, so no worries) to Nannygoat’s house. We watched Ladybug decorate the tree and had a fantastic dinner. I filled up my teeny, tiny storage card on my camera twice and had to review and delete to fit more. Then Lloyd and Nannygoat presented me with my Xmas present early. A ONE GIG memory card. WOOT. So now I shall torture you all with just a small taste of the seventy-eleven hundred pictures I took.



Hanging an ornament with Bear


There is an ornament stuck on my finger and you want a picture?!?!?!


Lloyd says “Watchu talkin’ bout Willis?”


I am not in the cupboards Grama


Hey, Papa. Let’s Go!


MOM, what is going on over there?


Grama, you are going to blog this aren’t you?


Nannygoat and Lloyd thank you so much for a wonderful evening and the extremely excellent gift of more picture power. Love you both and your OK looking kids who are marginally entertaining.


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