I Want to Grow Up and Be a Full-time Slacker

There is much woe in the house of Vixen. A second victim has fallen prey to the evil flu from hell. This flu attacks suddenly and fiercely. There is no warning just an opening of both the gates of bodily fluid exitus at the same time. Fishboy fell first, on Sunday and was in the UC for 6 hours and had to receive three units of IV fluids. This early morn around 4:00am, Mr. Vixen was struck down also. He won’t go to the doctor, so we shall see. I went to work, hoping to escape the wrath of germs. I better not get sick. I just better not. I do no throw up. EVAH.

So since, I am alone (much sleeping going on at the other end of the mini-cabin) and there isn’t much on TV tonight, I popped open a folder of pictures I took last month and started playing with Picasa. It is a poor man’s Adobe-ish thing (hell, it was free and doesn’t do much, but I was bored.) So here are some pictures I played around with.

IMG_2913 Before

IMG_2913a After

IMG_2916 Before

IMG_2916a After

IMG_2919 Before

IMG_2919a After

IMG_2923 Before

IMG_2923a After

IMG_2931 Before

IMG_2931a After

I know, not great. But it killed a couple of hours. Whatcha think?


2 thoughts on “I Want to Grow Up and Be a Full-time Slacker

  1. Love the WW picture you posted, which led me here. I was about to ask if you did the blur in Picasa, but you answered that question! I use both Picasa and Photoshop, but I’d obviously choose Ps for more refined work. Picasa is actually a decent tool and it’s incredibly easy to use. Most of the images on my site are tweaked in Picasa. I recently used the blur tool similar to how you did today. Nice work. 🙂

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