Proof that he should never be left to his own devices

Mr. Vixen is a handy man. He can build anything. He has made furniture and repaired anything that was ever broken when asked. He is a perpetual “putterer”. That is what he always says he is doing when I ask. Puttering.

Yesterday he decided he wanted to install a kitchen counter at MacDougal’s place. Turns out MacDougal doesn’t really want a kitchen counter nor will it fit in his box home. Prior to these discoveries though, he was digging out some wood. Apparently he pulled one piece out and another decided to join it. Since he was only expecting the one piece, Mr. Vixen put his eyeball in the path of the additional wood. Now in the 25 years we have been together, I have aided him through many, many injuries. He has dislocated his knee, electrocuted himself, cut himself, chopped off the end of a finger…well you get the picture and I could go on forever. This, however, is his first black eye:


(click to enlarge)
Poor baby. Also, could someone do something about his eyebrows? How did I not notice that they had decided to take out their own zip code?


4 thoughts on “Proof that he should never be left to his own devices

  1. Reality steps into our lives when we are ready to embrace our ability to click in. Photographs are story books of the length and breath of a person.
    As a photographer you have captured the meanings of capturing life’s beams.

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