Dead Battery

A pictureless picture post, does it get any better than that? Since the Great Inflame 2007, I have been unable to locate my camera battery charger. I limped along since then, but alas they died. Mr. Vixen and I have gone through our home, car and bags eleventy-trillion times and could not find it. Weeks, people, weeks!

Last night the loverly grandbabies came to visit as they do every Friday. Someone was being adorable, as it comes so naturally to them, and I bemoaned the fact that I could not take a picture because of the death of the battery. Then Lloyd calmly says to Nannygoat, “oh that is who that charger belongs too.” Ahhhhhhhh. I left it there the day we were able to return to her home after the evacuation, but were still unable to return to ours. All those hours we spent searching…

Today they are coming over (we are going to kick their asses play canasta) and they will bring the charger. I still won’t get a picture today because it will take hours to charge. Tomorrow I will take THREE to make up for it!

Happy Weekend!


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