Introducing Lady Guinivere of Camelot

I have another member of the family I haven’t introduced you to yet. She is a purebred Basset Hound that I got instead of a fourth child (his choice) in 1997. She is an old lady now, but still a princess. She met a friend online the other day, Roxy, who has her own blog. Roxy wanted a picture and although I have tons of them from when Gweny was young I wanted some recent shots of the old lady (she is 74 you know). So here she is:


She sleeps a lot. She also is nearly deaf. Or at least she pretends to be.


She is still beautiful to me, even though she is very gray now.

In this one you see Chewy, my fifth child (his choice, I always wanted five kids), looking quite jealous.



4 thoughts on “Introducing Lady Guinivere of Camelot

  1. marmagoo

    Thing1 is so so gray now as well. We thought she was going blind and eeaf as well but she always seems to hear you open a bag of cookies and be the first one there no matter where in the house you are at.

    I love her sad puppy dog eye and those ears. Oh those ears!!

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