October 27, 2007

I will be posting the missing days soon. There is so much to add. But tonight is good, once again. We carved pumpkins and it rained. All day long the damn  life saving helicopters went over and over and over. Each time Mr. Vixen screamed “Helicopter, get the camera!!!!!!” Apparently each one is different and I had to get a picture of every single type. Please understand, these things were hauling ass back and forth. And I tuned the sound out, so when he started yelling I was slow on the get go, what with the bad hip and all, and we are in a valley so 90% of the pictures I got just they flew behind a tree. So…I have a bunch of tree pictures. They were carrying a huge amount of water in those buckets, but the one good shot I got, the bucket is just below the shot.



3 thoughts on “October 27, 2007

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