October 15, 2007

I think the job interview went well. They will let me know by the end of the week. Now I love my current job and my boss is like a Dad to me. That is why I haven’t talked much about this. I feel so terribly guilty. But I need stability it my life. Mr. Vixen is applying for permanent disability, but that takes 3-5 months according to SSDI. His state disability ended on August 31st and I simply do not make enough money to pay our rent and eat. Before when we lived in town, on three occasions I took a second job to support us while he was out of work. But each time almost killed me. I get so little sleep and I become so stressed out that my blood sugar goes so out of control that I become very ill. So I have to do what is best for my family, even if it means hurting my boss’ feelings. Life is hard sometimes all the time. Sigh.

In other news, I got all the squares edged and during Heroes tonight I am going to start putting them together into an afghan. For kids! With cancer! It makes me feel so hopeful to do this. However, I was pretty sure the squares were going to devour me before I ever finished. And Marlee, two squares in there are with the yarn you donated to the cause made with your prayers and my fingersimg_2909.JPG….one for you and one for your daughter. Thank you so much for your contribution!


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