October 10, 2007

During times of stress I like comfort. Comfort is sometimes food, but for me its mostly distraction or stimulation. I tend to over think everything if I am left to my own devices.

I miss Boo Boo. I keep looking around for him before I realize what I am doing. It is a hard habit to break. So far I have been taking comfort in the fact that I have two real parts of him left with me besides all our memories. For several years we bred chihuahuas. Boo Boo was our stud and Pumpkin the big momma. My son kept one of the puppies as his 8th grade graduation present, a little boy named Oso. A few years later, from what we had decided to be our last litter, I gifted myself on Mother’s Day with a beautiful long-haired little girl, Chewy (officially Chewbacca). I told Mr. Vixen that she was to take the place of that fourth child he said we didn’t need couldn’t afford.

So tonight I am finding comfort and distraction from my pain in Comments and Chewy. Chewy never minds sharing my lap, whether it be crochet or my laptop. On cold nights like this, I think it keeps her warm.



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