September 29, 2007

I gardened today. Grabbed a machete and whacked a bunch of overgrowth. It was invigorating. Most of the day I didn’t feel well. I am never sick, but sometimes I just don’t feel right. Today it was a bizarre stomach ache. I actually felt nauseated. Which is frustrating to my body because I do not throw up. I remember I did once back in 1983 when I was in the early week of my first pregnancy. That one snuck up on me. I didn’t feel it coming on and was unable to circumvent it. But other than that time, I can’t remember the last time I threw up. My Mom always says I was the only kid she ever knew who would refuse to throw up no matter how sick I was.

So to distract myself from the feeling, I went out and grabbed some pictures. I took about 30 and I only kept 17. I still need more practice with the camera. I have a lot to figure out and my vision sucks. It’s hard to take pictures with my reading glasses, but without they suck. However, I do love those 17. It was hard to pick one to put here today. Maybe I won’t put one. Perhaps, I shall do two or…





2 thoughts on “September 29, 2007

  1. Hey honey! Everytime I get ready to send your package, I end up canning something else that I think you’d like. So you’re getting the allie sampler pack. I’ll email you when I send it (I’m making pepper jelly this week, then the box will be full.)

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