September 25, 2007

Wow. One of those damn nights that sucks my pleasure and peace. It is not easy working out a business deal with family. Especially crazy ass family. I have had no bathroom for two full weeks. It is just not right. I am tired of the fight. Tired and working so hard to keep my self sane and my family happy. But there is one thing I know. I love my man. He is crazy (literally) and fun and adorable and loving. I could not do this half ass survival called life without him. Since I was 14 years old, he has been my go to guy. I love you baby. And I always will.



3 thoughts on “September 25, 2007

  1. Being without a bathroom for 2 weeks must be murder. By the way, I like what you said about your husband. It’s refreshing to hear someone talk so lovingly about their better half. Do you have any pics chronicling you and Mr. Vixen’s time together?

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