September 23, 2007

I love cartoons. I grew up on them. Sunday mornings I remember getting up early, grabbing the paper, waking Dad up and presenting it to him. My Dad was a workaholic who went to work very early and came home late, and so Sunday morning was our time.

I was especially fond of the Peanuts. Snoopy was awesome when he was the Red Baron and Charlie Brown represented my disenfranchised feelings; however, Woodstock ruled my world. Who knows why, but I bonded to Woodstock. Maybe because I thought he was always trying to be something he was not and I aspired to be the same.I also loved Family Circle. Too young to be a child of Father Knows Best or Leave It To Beaver (although I have seen them all) they were a family dream come true. They loved and laughed and really enjoyed life. Man, that stuff was funny and moving and endearing.

Lazy Sunday today. Or as lazy as it gets as a parent. Morning coffee on the porch with my beloved, chilly outside. Then the 49er game (yes I put on my shirt, always have to be in uniform), running Bear over to take Apache for a trail ride. When she was done and we picked her up we ended up visiting with the owner and her husband. He shook Mr. Vixen’s hand, lit a smoke, handed him a beer and then put on Pink Floyd. It was love at first site. They are both currently disabled too…a match made in heaven. It looks like we have made some friends. It is an odd feeling. We haven’t really had friends in years and years. Homebodies, antisocial, whatever we are. It is odd, but very enjoyable. This new place is hard (what with not having a bathroom) but it also seems to be one of the most wonderful things that has happened to me.

Oh yeah, our free cable crapped out so we got a satellite box and hooked up to Cousin It’s sat. WOW. So clear and awesome, but even better……he has the NFL Ticket. So I watched all the games today. And had a little wine this evening, while sitting on the porch.


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