September 20, 2007

Today the air was crisp and fresh and new. The light seems different and exquisite. It rained a bit this morning and it’s supposed to storm something fierce this weekend. A rare storm, they say. I feel strange. Invigorated and apprehensive. At peace and unsure. A myriad of conflict, but strangely accepting of that. Almost…..good. Do animals give people peace? Does making your child the happiest you have ever seen her give you peace?

We have added a horse to our arsenal of animals we can’t really afford to own. It is a half lease, but the lady is really giving the horse to us 100% to use and charging us hardly anything. Bear has been taking lessons for months now, but not getting any practice and those lessons were costing me twice what I am going to pay now. The owner is also going to give her lessons for the barter of Bear cleaning the stall 3 days a week. Which, I think, Bear would have done anyway. Today was the third day we spent with Apache. A majestic, lovely Paint. He is sweet and gentle, but needed to be shown who is boss. Today he realized that Bear is boss and new best friend. And what an overwhelming pleasure it was to see them working and playing together. I love horses. I have become quite attached, in just three days, to Apache. He seems to inspire in me everything: creativity, joy, happiness, pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. I took many pictures today of Apache and Bear, but this one spoke volumes to me and me alone. I think I see myself in there and I like what I see.



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